Ask Angie: Who fixes a wall after plumbing or electrical work?
News from Merced Sun-Star:

Dear Angie: When you have electrical, plumbing or certain other kinds of work done that may require a hole in a wall, who’s responsible for repairing it? The plumber or electrician? Or do I need to hire someone else?

- Christina S., Dumfries, Virginia

Dear Christina: You ask a good, and common, question. The short answer is that you probably don’t want an electrician or plumber fixing a hole in your wall – it’s not their specialty.

My experience is that most plumbers and electricians who’ve earned top ratings from Angie’s List members don’t build this kind of repair work into their bids. They focus on their core competency. Some may repair very small holes, but will likely include that in their bid.

This is something you should talk with your service pro about before you sign a contract or make a hire.

My bet is you’ll probably be happier if this repair work is done by a professional who specializes in wall repair, such as a drywall expert or interior painter. For instance, textured walls and ceilings or plaster often prove to be difficult for novice drywall finishers.

If your repair job is simple or very small, you may be better off hiring a handyman service or making it a DIY project. If you choose to complete the patch yourself, you’ll need certain tools and materials, including drywall tape, joint finishing compound and a j…………… continues on Merced Sun-Star

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VA needs to hire ‘tens of thousands’ of workers
News from WDIV Detroit:


The VA is going on a hiring blitz.

The beleaguered Veterans Affairs department is launching a major recruitment campaign to bring aboard legions of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. Plans are to also beef up the ranks of support staff, hiring for roles as diverse as chaplain, clerk, electrician, librarian and plumber.

“We need tens of thousands of new doctors, new nurses, new clinicians,” Secretary Bob McDonald said Monday, about a month into his new role.

Attracting doctors to the VA is going to be tough. The VA’s reputation has taken a hit this year from the revelation of secret waiting lists and excessively long wait times. Salary freezes and bans on bonuses have suppressed VA salaries in a highly competitive industry. The working conditions aren’t the best, either, said Bill Grubbs, CEO of Cross Country Healthcare. Locations are often in less-desirable areas and the VA’s technology isn’t up-to-date.

What the VA needs to do is “build an employee value proposition, which is consultant speak for: why you should work for us,” said Matt Stevenson, the executive leading workforce planning at Mercer, a major HR consulting firm.

That could include appealing to patriotic duty, highlighting unusual benefits: the VA sometimes recognizes out-of-state professional lic…………… continues on WDIV Detroit

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