Josh Brent can’t fumble this chance
News from ABC News:

Josh Brent now is eligible to return to the Dallas Cowboys this season, and they apparently want him on the roster. You know what? That’s OK. Really, it is.

The man spent six months in jail — the last 45 days at a drug and alcohol treatment facility — and received 10 years of probation after being convicted of intoxication vehicular manslaughter.

Brent’s actions in December 2012 resulted in the death of his best friend, Jerry Brown Jr., who was a Cowboys practice squad linebacker. Brent will probably never really get over his role in Brown’s death. The memories will linger; he’ll just learn to manage it a little better each year.

He’s going to be reminded of some aspect of that horrible night every time he looks into Stacey Jackson’s eyes, because he took her son away forever. And each time he visits Brown’s little girl, he’ll be reminded of his role in his friend’s death.

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