Maybe Bain isn’t as bad as Mitt Romney’s foes said
News from Boston Globe (subscription):

Deval Patrick will work at Bain Capital.

So, Deval Patrick is off to a new job at Bain Capital: venture capitalist with a heart of gold.

How can that be? Bain is bad, at least according to anyone who ever ran for office against its founder, Mitt Romney.

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Yet Patrick, a Democrat who served for eight years as Massachusetts’ governor, has been hired to supposedly direct investments in companies that produce profits by doing good.

That’s quite the image reboot for an investment giant traditionally demonized for generating profits, no matter what the human toll. Bain pours capital into promising startups as well as troubled companies it hopes to turn around. Investors get rich, even wh…………… continues on Boston Globe (subscription)

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News from New York Magazine:

CareerCast says breaking news for a newspaper is the worst way to spend your life.

Here is a vintage photo of the last happy newspaper reporter (This is what a happy newspaper reporter looks like). Photo: Philip Gendreau/Bettman/Corbis

“Newspaper reporter” has reclaimed its perch at the top of CareerCast’s worst jobs of the year list, after briefly ceding the title to lumberjacks in 2014. Mail carriers, taxi drivers (who, CareerCast notes, “must compete with new rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft”), enlisted military personnel, and two other types of journalists also landed on the top ten worst jobs list. According to CareerCast, “careers with low pay, poor hiring outlook or high stress — or, perhaps all three — rank in the bottom 20 of the 2015 Jobs Rated Report.”

A press release that accompanied 2015′s list of job ratings noted that there…………… continues on New York Magazine

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