Why hiring a plumber can make ‘cents’
News from Milford Daily News:

It is truly underestimated how much work it takes to be a homeowner.

Some homeowners are inclined to think that being a handy do-it-yourselfer can save a lot of money in the long run and, as such, will take on any home improvement task that comes their way. Sometimes, though, success comes down to the homeowner’s capabilities and realizing that these projects are more complicated than just doing It yourself. Some home issues need more attention and skill than any average homeowner could offer.

Although your wallet and ego might take a hit, there are occasions when it’s best to bite the bullet and call an expert. This is especially true for your home plumbing issues, and here’s why.

It can be harder than it looks

This is a phrase we’ve all heard before, but hope never applies to our situation. With plumbing situations, this is unfortunately the norm. Simple logic says that if there’s a leak in your piping, you should be able to tighten the loose part with a wrench, however it usually is not that simple. If it were truly this easy, we all could call ourselves plumbers. The 4- to 5-year apprenticeship that hopeful plumbers go through, followed by examinations to obtain a plumber’s license, wo…………… continues on Milford Daily News

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UH-Manoa dorm residents start school year with no hot water
News from KHON2:

Some University of Hawaii-Manoa students are starting the new school year with no hot water in their dorms. So far, they’ve been told UH is working on the problem and to heat some water in a pot in the meantime.

Raquel Lasconia said the bathroom floor of her Hale Wainani apartment is constantly soaked.

And that’s not all. “But once you turn to hot side, it turns off,” she said.

With no hot water, it means cold showers every day.

“I’m pretty mad,” Lasconia said. “I didn’t know what to do actually. I’ve been asking other students if they’ve been experiencing the same problems.”

Dorm resident Kathleen Gragasin said her ceiling leaks. “It’s kind of gross, using the bathroom with water going down your back, especially if you know it’s coming from the toilet upstairs.”

On Tuesday, the campus’ student housing services sent out a mass email, acknowledging the various problems. It said the school was hiring a plumber to look at the issues. But it also said to those who didn’t have hot water “if you absolutely cannot have a cold shower or want to clean dishes and the like, you might want to get a big pot or bowl and heat up your water.”

“That’s what I did when I lived in the Philippines,” Gragasin said.

And the cost to live at Hale Wainani and share an apartment with three other students? — about $ 6,500 a year.

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