Why LinkedIn is the Most Well-Positioned Social Network Right Now
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By Simon Owens 

Snapchat. Meerkat. Periscope. Pinterest. If you scan tech news headlines you’ll notice a certain predilection for the shiny and new, a tendency to cover pre-IPO, still-nascent social platforms that have the potential to capture market share from current stalwarts. We’re constantly treated to ballooning valuations and think pieces about how Company X is attracting a lucrative demographic (usually millennials).

But one of the most well-positioned social media companies with vast potential for growth isn’t shiny or new. In fact, it held its initial public offering in 2011 and launched more than a decade ago. Yes, we’re talking about LinkedIn, the website that, up until recently, you only visited when you were looking for a job. With its $ 2 billion in annual revenue, it would be easy to dismiss LinkedIn as a tiny gnat buzzing around Facebook, which brought in $ 12 billion in 2014 revenue and currently boasts 1.3 billion active users.

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Deval Patrick will work at Bain Capital.

So, Deval Patrick is off to a new job at Bain Capital: venture capitalist with a heart of gold.

How can that be? Bain is bad, at least according to anyone who ever ran for office against its founder, Mitt Romney.

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Yet Patrick, a Democrat who served for eight years as Massachusetts’ governor, has been hired to supposedly direct investments in companies that produce profits by doing good.

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